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Our Fine Dining menu, gives you a big city atmosphere with small town prices.

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General Information

Menu Selections
All menu selections need to be approved by Queen Bee’s. We require you have your final food count to us two weeks prior to your event. You will be charged the guaranteed amount given to us, even if fewer guest attend. If you have more guest then noted, you will be charged for each guest served beyond your guaranteed amount. Final payment is due at the end of your event, unless other arrangements have been made.

Tax and Service Charge
There is a 6.5% sales tax on food. There is a 9% sales tax on alcohol. There is a 15% service charge on all services rendered. The Event Coordinator will explain everything to you.

Food and Beverage
All Food and beverage must be purchased through Queen Bee’s. No food or beverage will be permitted to be brought in by you or any other guest. Queen Bee’s catering policy states absolutely no banquet food may leave the premises after a catered function. Queen Bee’s holds a liquor license issued by the City Of Paynesville, and is held responsible for complying with its regulations. No alcoholic beverages may be brought into our facility. Queen Bee’s reserves the right to inspect and regulate all private meetings, group functions, banquets and receptions. Queen Bee’s reserves the right to not serve any person known to be under the legal drinking age or is apparently intoxicated. Your guests must have a valid identification to be served alcoholic beverages. We reserve the right to remove any person that is being disruptive from our property.

Queen Bee’s does not assume responsibility for theft, damage, or loss of any property brought into the faculty. The contracted party assumes responsibility for the conduct of all persons attending the function and all costs involved from any damages incurred by any of its guests. If for any reason beyond our control such as tornados, floods, fire, war, accidents etc, that we are unable to perform our duties as the contracted event location we are not liable for any damages to your property in the facility.

A $500.00 deposit is required for all catering events. This amount is deducted from your total bill at the end of your event. Upon receiving your payment, check will be cashed. In the event of a cancellation, your deposit will be forfeited.

Cancellation Policies
A cancellation fee of 50% of projected revenues for food and beverages will be charged if the event is cancelled within 7 days of the event date.

Music and entertainment
We allow you to have a live band or disc jockey for your events. They are allowed to set up after 9:00am on your contacted event date. Your contracted entertainer needs to provide their own tables, chairs, extension cords and any other props. The last song needs to end at 1:00am the night of your event. They need to have their equipment removed from our factuality no later then 2:00am. We do have a permanent dance floor for you to use. The stage will be set up on the side of the dinning room, next to the exit sign. The brides table is located on the dance floor, and will be taken down before your music begins to ensure you have enough dance space.

Decorations and Deliveries
We do allow you to do for own decorations for your event. They do need to be pre-approved with our Event Coordinator. (We do not do the decorating for you) No confetti or crepe paper may be used. No duct tape on dance floor. If these items are used there will be a $200.00 clean up fee. Our doors open at 9am the day of your event, to start decorating, unless previously arranged. All decorations must be removed from our building by 2am.
Delivers may be made during our operating hours. Please provide us with a list of all names of venders coming into our facility. All vender items need to be picked up by 2:00am the evening of your event.

*Prices and information are subject to change. We guarantee our menu items 90 days prior to your event.


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